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UFHR is moving temporarily: Here’s where you can find us this spring

The UFHR Building (903 West University Ave.) will be undergoing renovations this spring. Beginning as early as later this month, you will be able to find UFHR teams in four alternate locations.

Jim Harrison: Tapping into untold stores of creativity and imagination

UF at Work recently visited Jim Harrison, creative director of The Agency, to talk about design, creativity and ways to cultivate the time and space for both.

Undoing the multitasking mindset to improve performance

Business Report of North Central Florida recently spoke with Scott Blades, assistant director of Training & Organizational Development in UFHR, about the myths of multitasking.

New locations for many spring training courses

Spring training courses are now available for registration. Please note that due to upcoming construction on the UFHR building, many courses will be held at alternate locations across campus this spring. Please be sure to confirm the location of your training when you register and/or when you receive your reminder emails.

Organizational consultant encourages UF leaders to “empower agency” when approaching change

Carsten Tams believes the best way for an organization to successfully navigate change is by creating power among its employees while maintaining a deep sense of trust in the human desires to learn, create and seek new challenges. In November, Tams brought his humanistic approach to management to the University of Florida when he met with cabinet members and led a discussion with participants in the UF Leadership Network (UFLN) on the topic of “From Breaking Resistance to Empowering Agency – Rethinking Organizational Change Management.”

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Spring course registration is open

UF Training and Organizational Development provides personal and professional development opportunities to help faculty and staff improve their effectiveness, achieve their goals, and make a positive impact. Please make note of alternate locations for courses held this spring.



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