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Mainspring Onboarding Pathways (Draft)

Course Pathways:

Foundational Courses

Human Resources


Research Administration

Take the first step with the following courses

  1. UF 101: PRO301
  2. The Color of Money: PRO302
  3. Internal Controls at UF: PRO 303
  4. Basic Accounting Concepts for UF Administrators : PRO304
  5. Sponsored Projects Overview: RSH100
  6. Cost Principles: RSH206
  7. Effort Commitments, Management & Reporting: RSH207
  8. Non-Fiscal Compliance: RSH204
  9. UFIRST Introduction: RSH279

Phase I Courses

  1. Commitment Accounting: PST985/986
  2. Advanced Topics in Payroll/Leave: PRO315
  3. Effort Advanced Topics: RSH207
  4. Class & Comp Foundations: PRO314
  5. Guide to Faculty Appointments: PRO319
  6. Guide to OPS Employment for UF Administrators: PRO313
  7. Hiring Grad Students and Fellows: PRO318
  8. Guide to Hiring and Paying Foreign Nationals: PRO336

Phase II Courses

  1. Budget Development: RSH203
  2. UFIRST Proposals: RSH280

Phase III Courses

  1. Records Management at the University of Florida: URM101
  2. Introduction to Enterprise Analytics: ERA050
  3. Dashboards: ERA100
  4. Report Authoring : ERA200

Phase I Courses

  1. RSH208 Post-award Management & Monitoring Best Practices
  2. PRO305 Purchasing 101
  3. PRO306 Travel Directives
  4. PRO335 Disbursement Directives
  5. RSH320 Human Subject Payments

Phase II Courses

  1. PST130 Reconciliation For Tier 1
  2. PST985 Commitment Accounting Basics
  3. PST986 Commitment Accounting Advanced
  4. ERA050 Introduction To Enterprise Analytics
  5. URM101 Records Management At The University Of Florida

Phase III Courses

  1. PST501 Property 101
  2. PST919 Reporting Services Workshop
  3. ERA200 Report Authoring
  4. RSH203 Budget Development
  5. RSH202 Solicitation Review And Proposal Development