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Exporting Data to Excel

Showing and Hiding Columns

The Effort Commitments by Person page displays a list of effort commitments for the selected person. The header section at the top of page displays basic job data.   You can click the Collapse Header button to get a better view of the commitments information below.

The commitments list displays sorted by Project ID. The columns in the list display the Project Description, Current Term Commitment %, Project ID, and Job #. Further to the right, the columns display commitment detail, including the Total Period %, Direct Charge %, Cost Shared %, and Over the Cap %.

To view commitment detail for other terms, adjust the left and right sliders of the View Range control.

To show or hide commitment detail, click the Show/Hide Term Detail button.

To return to the Payroll by Person page, click the View Payroll button.

Effort Commitments by Person page