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Adding a Non-Payroll Projection

myinvestiGator features an Adjust Projections tool that enables you to enter spending projections or assumptions. This is useful for viewing the impacts of potential changes to the project, as well as analyzing other what-if scenarios.

To add a non-payroll projection for a project, perform the following steps:

1.           From any project-centric page, click the Adjust Projected button. The Adjust Projections page displays.

2.           Click the Add Non-Payroll Projection button. A row is added to the list.

3.           Click the Budget Category drop-down menu and select the budget category.

4.           Enter an employee, vendor, or subrecipient if needed.

5.           Enter a description for the item.

6.           Enter the date range if needed.

7.           Enter the transaction amount.

8.           Click the Save icon. The projection is added.