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Adding a Payroll Projection

myinvestiGator features an Adjust Projected tool that enables you to enter spending projections or assumptions. This is useful for viewing the impacts of potential changes to the project, as well as analyzing other what-if scenarios.

To add a payroll projection for a project, perform the following steps:

1.           From any project-centric page, click the Adjust Projected button. The Adjust Projected page displays.

2.           Click the Add Payroll Projection button.

3.           Enter the payroll projection details. To do this, you can:

A.          Select an existing UF employee:

a.           Verify the Employee Search option is selected.

b.           Enter the Employee Last Name, First Name, and/or Department ID.

c.           Click the Search button. The employee search results display.

d.           Highlight the employee and then click the Add button. The employee details display.

e.           Update the employment date range and Effort % as needed.

B.           Add an as yet unnamed employee:

a.           Click the Add New Personnel option.

b.           Enter an employee name or description.

c.           Select the expected Salary Group, employment date range, Effort % and Annualized Amount.

d.           The Projected Payroll, Projected Fringe & Projected F&A amounts will display in the Add Payroll Projection box.

4.   Click Save. The projection displays on the Adjust Projected page. To save this projection and add another without returning to the Adjust Projected page, click Save & Add Another.  

Tip: When adding a payroll projection for a Graduate Assistant, you have the option to enter a Tuition projection. Tuition added with a payroll projection will display in the Non-Payroll projection list. If you delete the payroll projection, the associated tuition will also be deleted.