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Entering Budget Adjustments

The Adjust Budget tool enables you to make changes to your budget and how it is allocated between categories and then view the effects of the changes to the project.  

To enter budget adjustments, perform the following steps:

1.           From any project-centric page, click the Adjust Budget button. The Adjust Budget page displays.

2.           If the budget categories you need are not displayed, click the Show/Hide Category button, select the desired categories and then click Show.

3.           In the Adjusted Budget column, enter the adjusted allocations. The Variance column displays the difference between the source budget and the adjusted budget.

4.           To save the changes, click Save Adjustments. To exit the page without saving, click Cancel Adjustments. To clear all budget adjustments, click the Restore Source button.

Tip: When adjustments have been made, the Budget Adjustment icon displays in the Budget column of Portfolio Summary and Project Summary. This provides a helpful reminder that the amounts shown differ from the amounts in the official myUFL accounting system. You can click the icon to navigate directly to the Adjust Budget page.