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Showing and Hiding Columns

The Project Summary page provides a high-level view of important project details. The header section at the top of page displays basic project information.   You can click the Collapse Project Header button to get a better view of the financial details.

The lower section of the page displays a summary of the projects finances. Budget categories are shown on individual rows and totals display below. The columns in the list display project amounts including Total Budget, Spent, Committed, Projected, Balance, and Project Health. You can drag the column headings to adjust the order in which they display.

You can click to drill down to transaction-level detail:

         To view all transaction types for a budget category, click the Budget Category label or its balance.

         To view transactions for a specific budget category and amount type (Budget, Spent, Committed, Projected), click the amount.

         To view all budget category transactions for a specific amount type (Budget, Spent, Committed, or Projected) click the Project Total for the amount type.

         To view all transactions for the project (all budget categories and amount types), click the Project Total Balance shown in the lower right hand corner.

Project Summary page

Entering Budget Adjustments

Adding a Payroll Projection

Adding a Non-Payroll Projection

Exporting Data to Excel