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SAA Questions to Ask

When considering a candidate for a Superior Accomplishment Award, the committee will take special consideration to candidates who have gone above and beyond the scope of a candidate “doing his/her jobs” as outlined in their job description.  Although there are many employees here at UF who have an excellent overall job performance,  and have been performing at that level for many years, the committee will put a special emphasis on an individual whose performance exceeds expectations and has impacted their department in a positive way as well as the university as a whole.

To establish criteria for a nominee, the committee would like you to consider the following:

  • How has this person gone above and beyond their normal job description?
  • How has this person impacted you personally in the work environment?
  • Is there a recent project/assignment that this person has completed in a manner above what was expected? If so, please list how this person went beyond the requirements of the project/assignment.
  • Has this person set an exemplary level among coworkers? If so, how?
  • Does the candidate go outside his/her line of duties to be helpful? Please list the essential job duties of the employee.
  • Has the candidate benefited your department as a whole by their excellent performance, beyond their job description?
  • Has the candidate made a positive contribution to the University of Florida because of their excellent performance?
  • Has the candidate gone outside their duties to improve their education and growth to better serve UF?
  • Has the candidate gone above and beyond by volunteering to participate in programs/committees outside their job performance to enhance the university as a whole?
  • Did the employee work on any special projects during the appraisal period that were above and beyond their regular job duties? If so, what was the duration of the project?
  • Please provide specific examples of how this employee took initiative to complete projects or was creative in completing assigned duties.
  • Please provide support letters from individuals outside of your department from all levels of employment that can attest to the employees superior performance during this appraisal period.
  • Has the employee not only performed the duties mentioned above at an outstanding level, but have they volunteered in the community or applied their skills at UF to help individuals in the community? If so, how?