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TaxWatch Productivity Award Winners – 2020

Vinson Grimm, Electrical Supervisor, UF Health Science Center

Vinson GrimmPlaque Award

Vinson Grimm, Electrical Supervisor analyzed the sequence of operations related to energy consumption, and discovered the electric heat was being used during the summer to help regulate area cooling. By re-programming the automation system, the electric heat was no longer in the sequence of operations during the summer months. This resulted in a 41% reduction in utility cost and return on investment in less than one year.

Cost Savings Estimate: Annualized energy savings of $29,970.

Milton Marsh, HVAC Mechanic IV, UF Health Science Center

Milton MarshPlaque Award

Milton Marsh’s innovation resulted in the elimination of environmentally unfriendly “Mercury” switches and the elimination of Electric Heat to regulate “Cold Room” temperatures in research rooms. Milton incorporated a thermostat to replace the environmentally unfriendly mercury switches. His analysis and solution allowed for the reduction in operating cost and environmental concerns, as well as provide our customers with reliable equipment.

Cost Savings Estimate: Annualized cost savings of $45,000