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Career Paths

At the University of Florida, there are many different ways to develop your career.  Some of these include networking at various workshops, advancing your degree through the UF Employee Education Program, and expanding your working knowledge through many training programs.  The path to career progression is not always linear but is unique to each individual employee. In addition, the direction of one’s career development is dependent on various factors, such as one’s passion, motivation, work history/experience and understanding of the potential pathways.

Potential Career Pathway

Each position at the University of Florida is uniquely designed to meet the requirements and the demands of the hiring managers throughout the campus; however, many positions share some requirements – knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies – that would allow a person to progress from one classification series (i.e. administrative support assistant) to another series (i.e. fiscal assistant).

Given the nature of the complexity of mapping out all possible career paths for each position at the University of Florida, the maps below reflect the common pathways for all staff positions within its job family.  For more information on these job family, please visit the TEAMS Titles section of the UFHR website.

It is important to note that:

For additional information questions or information regarding these maps, please contact John Sun, assistant director for recruitment and staffing, by emailing successatwork@hr.ufl.edu.