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Resources to support AI faculty hiring efforts now available

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The first wave of searches for new faculty who will help propel UF’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative are already underway. UF’s AI Jobs website currently lists more than 25 faculty AI job postings that span a diversity of fields ranging from unexpected areas like African American studies, ethics and hospitality to the more traditional fields […]

New toolkit offers a wealth of resources designed to support leadership, team and personal excellence

UF Training & Organizational Development (T&OD) recently announced the release of its new Teamwork & Collaboration toolkit. The toolkit reflects T&OD’s strategic vision to empower faculty and staff to achieve a culture of leadership, team and personal excellence to help UF change the world. Based on research and focus groups conducted throughout the university, the toolkit […]

Faculty will begin reporting activities and interests via online system this spring

In an effort to streamline, modernize and standardize the way faculty and staff report their activities and financial interests, the University of Florida is introducing UFOLIO (UF Online Interest Organizer), a new online activities and interests reporting system. UFOLIO replaces paper forms and outdated routing processes to save time and provide a more intuitive platform […]

Improvements to enterprise reporting include self-service

A new myUFL reporting and analytics tool with a modernized dashboard was recently implemented to better meet the expanded reporting and analytics needs at UF. UFIT team members will be reaching out to ‘Shared Folder’ and ‘myFolders’ owners to collaborate in migrating their existing content to the new platform. Existing ARS roles will function the […]