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Connected by UF (CxUF) Conference

Keeping It Real

Save the Date: May 11 and 12, 2021

The University of Florida will host the inaugural bi-annual conference for three communities: UF Leadership Network (UFLN), Gator Business Administrator Services (GBAS), and UF Research (MainSpring).

This is a two-day conference At UF, For UF, By UF designed to provide highly impactful professional development for UF leaders and financial, human resources, research, and academic professionals within our campus community at all levels, foundational, intermediate, and advanced.

CxUF will be held on a virtual platform with a range of learning and networking opportunities including workshops, case studies, deep dive sessions, and more.

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CxUF is offered at no cost and is sponsored by three UF communities of practice, GBAS, MainSpring and the UFLN.

Conference Target Audience: UF business and research administrations of all levels (foundational to advanced), people working in finance, human resources, sponsored programs, and academic professionals and leaders who participate in the UFLN.



Questions? Reach out to one of the conference chairs

Conference Chairs

  • Gwynn Cadwallader, Conference Committee Chair, Assistant Director Training & Organizational Development, GBAS
  • Ronda Mitchell, Conference Committee Co-Chair, UF Research Training Manager
  • Irma Alvarez, Conference Committee Co-Chair, UFLN Manager
  • Barb Mitola, Conference Committee Co-Chair, GBAS Director

Executive Sponsors

  • Jodi Gentry, Vice President Human Resources
  • Chris Cowen, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Tiffany Schmidt, Assistant Vice President, UF Research
  • Stephanie Gray, Assistant Vice President, UF Research