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Gators Together is a certificate program for individual employees and supervisors. This diversity and inclusion program is designed to Increase Performance and Engagement by Creating an inclusive Environment for our diverse talents. View the program requirements.

BCC020 Now Hear This: Listening, Comprehending, Communicating

Instructor: Kandice Lloyd
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Did you know that as much as 40 percent of the average workday is spent listening to others? That’s close to half of your day! Do you need to stop and make sure you’re using your time to its greatest advantage? Take a few moments and ask yourself: Are you an effective listener? How often do you assess your listening skills? Could you improve? That’s where “Now Hear This” can help. In this workshop, we’ll:

  • Define “listening” and how it impacts your work
  • Recognize and deal with the barriers between listener and speaker
  • Practice good listening techniques and identify ways to make them work for you

GET201 LGBTQ+ Inclusive Gators

Instructor: Cecilia Luna & Karina Kolb
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The University of Florida strives to create an inclusive community for its diverse population of faculty and staff. This class focuses on relevant issues to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. We will identify common language and learn how different people’s experiences play out in the workplace. Through conversations and activities, we’ll explore how we can create more inclusive work environments.

GET203 Neurodiversity In The Workplace

Instructor: Brandon Telg
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Ever wonder how to tap into the strengths that neurodiversity can bring? The University of Florida’s core values aim to create an inclusive work environment for all people, and that includes honoring our collective neurodiversity.

Every brain functions differently and in “Neurodiversity in the Workplace”, we will focus on a number of neurological differences including autism, ADHD, and Tourette syndrome, celebrating the richness they bring to the workplace. Having a neurodiverse workforce means problems are approached from different angles, leading to greater innovation and efficiency.

Looking at these conditions from a strengths-based perspective, we will explore some of the special talents people bring to the table as well as best practices to accommodate employees’ challenges.

GET235 Connecting with Veterans – Discovering Talent

Instructors: John Sun
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This session is designed to help our UF Campus capitalize on an untapped talent pool – military veterans. The goal of this session is to provide resources and tools to broaden the applicant pool when looking to hire the best and the brightest talent. In this session, we will: • Define how to identify and tap into veteran applicant talent • Improve the veteran interviewing and hiring experience • Demonstrate interviewing practices that can help hire the best candidate

GET240 Inclusive Leadership

Instructor: Bob Parks
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We know that leaders have a significant impact on creating a culture of inclusiveness within a team or department. In this session, we will explore the foundational elements of inclusive leadership. What does it look like? How does the leader cultivate her or his own inclusiveness and, even more important, create a team environment where the contributions of all members are valued and nurtured?

GET245 Conversations for a Culture of Inclusion

Instructors: Irma Alvarez & Gwynn Cadwallader
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Do you engage with your colleagues in a way that brings out their best?  Does your team collaborate in a way that combines the unique talents and abilities of each member to achieve big goals?  In this discussion-based course, you will discover specific inclusive behaviors and strategies proven to increase engagement, innovation, and productivity in the workplace.  Participants will recognize unconscious behaviors that derail a team’s full potential and practice strategies to create a respectful culture that optimizes performance and produces great results.  Embark on a shared journey with Gators Together!

GET250 Managing Hidden Biases that Affect the Hiring Process

Instructors: Audrey Gainey
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This course is designed for faculty and staff who hire new employees. Explore unconscious bias and how it affects the recruitment and hiring process. You will learn recruitment strategies to expand your applicant pool and ways to improve your resume review and interviewing process. You will expand the talent on your team when you apply these targeted hiring skills.

GET255 Giving and Receiving Feedback

Instructors: Courtney Moon
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Does the thought of giving someone candid feedback back make you uncomfortable? Is being on the receiving end of feedback something you dread? Whether you are the giver or the receiver, feedback is NOT an easy thing to do! Learn how to deliver direct and caring feedback, discuss ways to seek input and feedback from others, and practice strategies for responding to feedback without being defensive.

GET789 Diversity & Inclusion at UF

Available as an on-demand online course through myTraining

“Diversity & Inclusion at UF” is an online course which outlines key components of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and diversity at the University of Florida. This course utilizes case study videos and graphic novels to demonstrate inclusive behaviors, and also highlights key moments in history that have had an impact on inclusion in higher education.

RJE501 Stronger Together: Cultivating Your Cultural Intelligence and Engaging In Conversations Related To Diversity

Available as an on-demand online course through myTraining

This course is comprised of three webinar recordings from our Stronger Together series.

SCS085 Leading with Courage

Instructor: Tricia Bachus
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What is courage? Why is it important for us, as leaders, to have courage—and also to encourage it in others? Everyday courageous acts are significant. When demonstrated by leadership, they have a profound effect on the organization. Participants in “Leading with Courage: Dealing with Conflict, Bullies, and Difficult Conversations” will explore the concept of courage and how it relates to leadership competencies of “communication” and “resolve.” The session will focus, in particular, on dilemmas of courage that are related to the workplace and how we, as effective leaders, can leverage courage to create productive and healthy work environments.

TRV010 Transforming Conflict

Instructor: Irma Alvarez
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Conflict is part of our daily lives and can undermine our success unless we get better at using it effectively. As surprising as this might sound, we want conflict in the workplace; but it has to be the right kind of conflict. In this class you will learn how to build your conflict competence and transform conflict for improving decision-making, problem-solving and relationship-building at work.

TRV011 Compassionate Communication in the Workplace

Instructor: Leif Stringer
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A harmonious and connected workplace makes day-to-day tasks easier and enhances the level of enjoyment we experience at work. This course provides the opportunity to explore what influences your interactions with others and specific tools to use so you can discern what motivates people’s actions and communicate more effectively. The course is designed to give you time to explore the concepts, discuss ways to apply compassionate communication to your specific work environment, and practice with a skilled expert. You’ll have the opportunity to personalize the learning material to use in your own work environment.

TRV020 Developing your Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Effectiveness

Instructor: Gwynn Cadwallader
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Interacting with people is a large part of our jobs and how we use our emotions and react to others affects our performance. Explore ways to understand your own emotions and how to perceive the emotions of others. Find ways to strengthen relationships, build networks and find common ground. Generate ideas and “next steps” for leveraging your emotional intelligence in the workplace for improved effectiveness.

TRV041 Storytelling to Find Your Why and Envision Your Aspirations

Instructor: Brandon Telg
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What is your “why”? What motivates you in your professional life? What future do you wish to create during your career?  This course will help you leverage the power of storytelling to tap into  your passions and purpose and unleash your best work performance.  Your story is important and meaningful.  By reflecting on your experiences and envisioning your professional and personal growth in the form of a story, you will be able to align your goals, your career trajectory, and your legacy with the story you want to live!

Resources to Increase your Awareness

If you are looking for a deeper dive into the issues discussed in the Gators Together courses listed above, we strongly recommend engaging in the following training resources created by Training & Organizational Development in collaboration with partners across the University of Florida. These materials aim to enhance your ability to create an inclusive workplace at UF.


Between 2020-2022, UF HR Training & Organizational Development hosted a series of webinars led by experts on campus on the topics of inclusion and diversity at UF and beyond. To further the goals of this series, we have pulled selected moments from these presentations and created a series of microcourses. These are intended to share valuable information with you in a convenient digital package. Reviewing the information in this series will deepen your awareness of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) concerns in the workplace.

  1. A Sense of Belonging at UF
  2. How do our identities shape our work experiences and what strategies can we apply to create inclusive workspaces?
  3. How to respond to racism and initiate change in your workplace

Racial Identity Development Models

Advice for Communicators

Watch Webinar Recording

Envisioning Your I.D.E.A.L. Future

Watch Webinar Recording  Discussion Guide

From Intentions To Actions

Watch Webinar Recording 

Inside Out: Emotionally Intelligent Conversations About Race

Watch Webinar Recording  Discussion Guide

Leading With Intercultural Competence

Watch Webinar Recording  Leader Reflection Guide

Managing Biases in Hiring

Watch Webinar Recording  Transcript Discussion Guide

Recognizing and Addressing Implicit Bias with Dr. Xirau-Probert

Watch Webinar Recording  Discussion Guide

The Journey Begins With You: Becoming an Equity-Centered Leader

Watch Webinar Recording  Discussion Guide

Understanding and Cultivating Your Cultural Intelligence

Watch Webinar Recording  Discussion Guide

Vulnerable Leadership

Watch Webinar Recording