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Designed to deeply explore and develop BA competencies, these biannual events are an excellent way for BAs to network with their peers. The events are structured to provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities and share information from a variety of experts. Timely and relevant topics enhance concepts from courses, as well as address current challenges.

“Attending GBAS events exposed me to a higher level of understanding of the UF vision. I saw how my work connected to the success of the university. Interacting with a networking of my peers created a positive feeling of competition and the desire to “up my game” to a new level. These events inspired me to get even better at my job.”  — former Advisory Council member


An important part of the GBAS effort is to ensure business officers stay current by providing opportunities to build skills, problem solve with peers and share best practices. These opportunities support a culture of continuous learning and professional growth. GBAS workshops are typically two-to-three-hour sessions and focus on group exploration, discussion and hands-on training of complex topics.