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Introduction & Foundation Courses

GBAS Introduction Courses for New BAs

GBAS offers four new online introduction courses for BAs who are new to the University of Florida or new to the role. The information in the introduction courses is succinct, highlighting the big picture overview and key concepts for the many functions BAs provide for UF.

These courses are foundational for all BAs, and we recommend that all new BAs complete this content within the first month of starting in their role. The courses replace the previous GBAS Orientation modules (myTraining codes: GBS101 and GBS102). Completing The Color of Money (PRO302) and Basic Accounting at UF (PRO304) will also provide credit for the Pro3 Series.

These succinct courses also provide an excellent review of key information for BAs who are not new to UF or the role, and can help refresh your knowledge of best practices.

We suggest completing the courses in the following order:

GBS111 Welcome to UF and Getting Your Security Roles

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This course introduces resources on campus and tips for getting your security roles. Participants will learn about the core offices, how to find your DSA and where to go for additional training.

The Color of Money

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The University of Florida is a complex place with various funding sources. This course introduces UF’s sources of funds along with the accompanying rules which govern how each type of monies may be spent. Participants will learn about “allowable expenditures” for each funding source and have a chance to practice applying the rules to ensure uniform and consistent application of associated directives. This course is designed to ensure UF employees with fiscal responsibilities understand how funding sources can be used when completing financial transactions.

ChartFields: Navigating Financial Transactions at UF

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This course will enable you to develop a basic understanding of the accounting structure, system and concepts used to manage the financial transactions and flow of money at the university. Participants will learn about ChartFields and the “Basic 6 Pack” for accounting at UF.

GBS112 How Budgeting Works at UF

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This course introduces how budgeting works at UF. Participants will learn about the budgeting model, budget terminology and the budget timeline, as well as examples from myUFL.

Foundation Courses with Pro3 Series

The Pro3 courses provide in-depth training for BAs to cultivate competencies in fiscal management and human resources/payroll management. For more information, visit the Pro3 section on the UFHR Training & Organizational Development courses website.