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Onboarding for New Hires in Human Resources

What is Human Resources Onboarding?

HR Onboarding is a program designed to support new hires working in a Human Resources role.

The training welcomes new HR staff or staff new to an HR role, across the University of Florida and provide a high-level overview of important human resources information to get you started. Our objective is to introduce key HR concepts at the University of Florida, provide access to resources and tools, aid in allowing you to create connections with others in similar situations to yours, and help you understand how the UF Human Resources core offices can assist you as you learn your new role.

  • Topics that will be covered in this program include:
  • An overview of HR at the University of Florida
  • An introduction to the departments within UF Human Resources, their role and how the departments support the university
  • An introduction to each HR department personnel
  • An opportunity to practice key functions for HR roles

We also hope that this program will begin to build your network of colleagues. In the program you will meet other new employees and the core office personnel who will be able to answer your questions.

HR Job Codes (pdf)

Fiscal Onboarding

Fiscal Onboarding (Finance and Accounting)

Upcoming Spring 2023 Sessions

HR Overview – HR Onboarding (HRO110)

Required pre-requisite for all HR Onboarding sessions.

Once you have completed HR Overview – HR Onboarding, you may register any of the following activities listed below. These activities are common tasks that most HR staff are exposed to at the University. Scenarios presented in these exercises are intended to prepare HR staff to perform processes on their own with a level of comfortability. Appropriate core office staff will lead activities to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed and to guide participants through each scenario.

Registration links will be sent after you complete HR Overview.

Classification and Compensation Overview (HRO111)

Presented by Brent Goodman

The Compensation and Classification (Class and Comp) team is responsible for working with units to develop compensation programs, policies, and approaches that meet the unique need of our academic and business units. Come to this session and learn how Class and Comp develops innovative solutions in labor market trends and analysis, participating in various compensation surveys, salary program administration, auditing for legal and fair compensation practices, job titles, and more. During this session you will get the opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues and hear how this team operates and how their role helps to move HR strategic goals forward across the university.

Talent, Acquisition & Onboarding (TA&O) Overview (HRO112)

Presented by Audrey Gainey, Christina Salva, Michele Shepherd, John Sun, Mercedes Swan

This session will review how TA&O partners with colleges and units to create a positive experience for the department and candidate when engaging in recruitment, selection and hiring activities. The session will review frequently asked questions, using the applicant tracking system for reporting, conducting reference checks, services provided by the Strategic Talent Group, hiring international employee, and conducting pre-employment screenings. During the session, there will be an opportunity to identify best practices, locate important tools and resources, and get to know your colleagues!

Employment Operations Overview (HRO113)

Presented by Nerea A. Anaya Dominguez and Jacob Poirier

The goal of Employment Operations and Records is to partner with UF departments to manage change efficiently and effectively in an employee’s life cycle. This team is responsible for all electronic transactions that support the hiring of new employees, employment changes during the life cycle of UF employees, and the records produced and maintained because of these transactions. In this session, you will learn how this office manages employment data updates, offer letters, verifications, maintains records, and more. You will get an opportunity to solve common Employment Operations problems with your colleagues in scenario-based challenges.

Benefits Overview (HRO114)

Presented by Kenya Williams

This session will provide an overview of the various UF and state of Florida benefits options, effective dates for enrolling in the various plans, and enrollment steps. It will provide a more specific comparison of the health, dental, life, disability, and supplemental insurance plans available to faculty and staff as well as retirement options. This session will conclude with education opportunities and GatorPerks available to employees. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to identify resources, experts, and tools available to you as well as meet your colleagues across campus!

Leave Overview (HRO115)

Presented by Sabrina Walker

This is an interactive session that covers the multiple leave programs available at the University of Florida. These benefits include vacation, sick, comp time, paid family leave, FMLA, extended leave of absence, holidays and personal leave days, parental leave, flextime, leave cash-out and more.

Employee Relations Overview (HRO116)

Presented by Robert Cancellieri

Employee Relations – HR Onboarding is an engaging session that covers multiple areas that fall under the department of HR Employee Relations. This session will cover UF Engaged, workplace policies, helping distressed employees, open communication and conflict resolution, the disciplinary process, information on complaints and grievances, labor relations and union contracts, and worker’s compensation.

Academic HR Overview (HRO117)

Presented by Brent Goodman

With UF being an institution of higher learning, Academic HR – HR Onboarding is an interactive session where you will learn the important differences between academic employment and regular staff employment. We will provide a high-level overview of key differences in faculty, post-doctoral associates, graduate assistants, and fellowships. Whether you currently work in an academic unit or you may in the future, being aware and knowledgeable about academic appointments at UF is key to your success as an HR professional.


For questions about the HR Onboarding program, contact Ronda Mitchell at rmitchell@ufl.edu

For questions or registration assistance email  training@ufl.edu or call (352) 392-4626