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Inclusive Hiring Badge

“Creating an inclusive climate allows all of us to do our best work and together shape a better UF.” – President’s Office

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access

The University of Florida’s Inclusive Hiring Badge is designed to provide faculty and staff with the level of knowledge, skill and abilities needed to demonstrate inclusive practices during the hiring process, identify and mitigate biases that can affect hiring decisions and support the University’s advancement toward a more equitable workforce and candidate experience.

Those pursuing this credential will learn principles and strategies that advance diversity goals, equal opportunity, and diversity and inclusion values for the purpose of enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of the search and selection process.

How Does Completion of the Inclusive Hiring Badge Work?

A total of 14 IDEA milestones must be completed to earn an Inclusive Hiring Badge. These milestones come in the form of trainings, activities, and webinars. The participant must complete the required number of milestones identified in each core competency area. Completion may consist of any combination of trainings, activities and/or webinars.

In-Person Trainings

In-person trainings with Zoom options that are Instructor-led based of set objectives that provides the skills and knowledge needed.


DE&I related activities that foster rich interactive learning and support an understanding and demonstration of the specific core competency.


LinkedIn courses, Online Courses offered in myTraining available on demand and an online presentation that allows participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and engage.

Driving a More Inclusive Workforce

3 Required

Ability to understand, appreciate and use the unique contributions of associates of varied cultures nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, genders, ages, points of view, etc.; Recognize the shared interests and values of those in the workplace, promote practices that leverage diversity in the workplace, advocates for diverse perspectives that reflect the diversity of the organization, and consistently demonstrates integrity and credibility, and build trust through inclusive behavior; Ability to influence others to gain buy-in and engagement in the work by connecting DE&I concepts, principles, and strategies to the recruitment and selection functions and create shared accountability, and ultimately drive change.

Effective Communication

3 Required

Understanding of effective communication concepts, tools, and techniques; ability to effectively transmit, receive, and accurately interpret ideas, information, and needs through the application of appropriate communication behaviors.


Decision Making & Critical Thinking

1 Required

Understanding of the issues related to the decision-making process; ability to analyze situations fully and accurately and reach productive decisions.

Conflict Management

1 Required

Ability to help others through emotional or tense situations, tactfully bring disagreements into the open, and define solutions that everyone can endorse

Self Awareness

3 Required

Provides examples of ways in which strengths and limitations can impact professional performance and assesses own strengths and limitations relative to assigned tasks

Inclusive Hiring

Required for New Badge

Basic understanding of terminology and Knowledge of and ability to use inclusive practices to identify and select diverse qualified talent.

About the Badge & Course

Who should seek an Inclusive Hiring Badge?
The Inclusive Hiring Badge is for faculty and staff who are committed to driving inclusion, diversity, equity, and access in hiring for employment opportunities within the University of Florida and within their colleges and units.Those pursing the knowledge, skills and abilities offered by the Inclusive Hiring Badge will be empowered to:

  • Ensure that searches are managed in a way that is consistent with the Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace and aligned with institutional values and affirmative action principles of equal opportunity.
  • Assist the search committee in ensuring that equity and, most importantly, inclusive practices are used in all aspects of the recruitment process.
  • Identify and mitigate unconscious, unintentional biases in recruiting, selection and hiring while promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and access by sharing information, recommending inclusive strategies, supporting full committee and stakeholder participation, and consulting with the UFHR, as needed.
What is expected from those who hold an Inclusive Hiring Badge?
While maintaining an active Inclusive Hiring Badge, an employee may:

  • Assist the hiring authority in the selection process of the search committee and its chair.
  • Provide advice, as needed, to ensure the search ad is posted in multiple venues that attract a diverse pool of applicants.
  • Provide advice, as needed, to the chair/dean and to the search committee to ensure that contributions to diversity are being considered and that proactive search practices are used for recruiting and selecting new faculty.
  • Discuss concepts and principles of unconscious bias with the search committee, as needed.
  • Support with review of diversity within the applicant pool and suggest proactive measures to enhance the diversity of the applicant pool.
  • Review the short list of candidates selected for interviews. If this group is not diverse, review the files of other applicants (particularly those under serious consideration) to determine if candidates of equivalent quality have been overlooked.
  • Provide expertise in review and selection, including an understanding of the challenging and sometimes invisible obstacles that hinder our efforts.
  • Participate throughout the search and selection process from the development of the search committee to the point an offer is confirmed.
  • Assist search chair/dean with reviewing reports and assessing the recruitment strategy at the close of the process to determine success and future opportunities.
How do I maintain an active status?

To ensure that your Inclusive Hiring Badge remains active, you must engage in the following requirements within a 12-month period.


  • Participate in at least one full search (internal to your college/unit or external) within a 12-month period.
How do I track my progress?

Microsoft Forms enables you to easily upload and track your progress toward completion of each milestone. If you’re using training offered through UF’s myTraining Portal to complete a milestone, simply highlight the training on your training transcript and upload your transcript for verification.  As you complete other In-Person Training, Activity or Webinars not captured in myTraining, note the title of the course or activity, the presenter’s name (if available) and the date and time of completion in a Word or Excel document and upload that document to the Microsoft Form. You should have a document uploaded for each milestone completed.

May I use previously attended In-Person Training, Activities or Webinar toward the completion of my required IDEA milestones?
If you have actively engaged in an In-Person Training, Activity or Webinar within the last 12 months from receipt of approval to participate, you may submit completion confirmation of that Training, Activity or Webinar for review and approval.
What documents should I upload as verification of completion of trainings, webinars, or activities?

For UF trainings and webinars offered through the myTraining portal, your Training Transcript may be used as verification of course or webinar completion. The full transcript with highlighted course information or a screenshot containing your name, EMP ID#, training title and completion date may be uploaded for submission.

Most LinkedIn Learning options will provide a pdf certificate upon completion of the webinar. This certificate or a screenshot containing course title, your name, date and time of the course, and length of course and may be uploaded for submission.

When confirming participation in an IDEA activity, a document or screenshot of the meeting minutes, agenda, or program outline that contains the date, your name, and your level of participation may be uploaded for submission.

How do I gain approval to pursue the Inclusive Hiring Badge?

Completion of the Inclusive Hiring Badge requires your supervisor’s approval. Approval may be a memo or email notice from the supervisor acknowledging support of participation. The notice must be uploaded by the participant for UFHR verification prior to the start of the program.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding the Inclusive Hiring Badge?

For more information or contact UFHR – Talent Acquisition and Onboarding at (352)-273-2841 or talent@hr.ufl.edu.

Who acknowledges completion of the required milestones for the Inclusive Hiring Badge?
Once a participant meets all milestone requirements for the Inclusive Hiring Badge, they should contact UFHR – Talent Acquisition and Onboarding at talent@hr.ufl.edu. Once milestone completion is verified, a confirmation email will be sent to the participant acknowledging badge award and providing access to badge resources. Please note all audits are done on a bi-weekly basis.