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Pro 3 Competencies

Competencies are skills, abilities, or knowledge that contribute to success on the job. The competencies used in this program were identified and developed through extensive interviews, focus groups, and other research with those who currently excel in these administrative roles at UF.

  • Fiscal Management Competencies
  • HR/Payroll Management Competencies
  • Academic Department Support Competencies
  • Personal Excellence Competencies (these groups are required for each of the certification programs)
    • Communication and Building Relationships Competencies
    • Preventing and Solving Problems Competencies
    • Organizational Awareness and Experience Competencies

Click on an area of the tree below for information about the key competencies:

Pro 3 tree

To see the certification requirements, view the Quick and Easy Guide to the Pro3 Series.

Personal Excellence-Core Competency Group Academic Department Skills Financial Skills HR/Payroll Skills