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HR/Payroll Management Competencies

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HR/Payroll Management

The competencies described on this page represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for effective HR/Payroll management at the University of Florida.

These key skills were identified primarily on the basis of a series of focus groups and interviews with employees in administrative positions who were identified as solid performers in those positions. The competencies represent the range of skills that became apparent as those successful in the positions described their work and how they fulfilled the positions’ demands.

These HR/payroll competencies are complemented by the personal excellence competencies—core skills such as communication and results orientation that are essential for all administrative professionals.

Payroll and leave—manages process of getting employees paid to ensure that employees are paid correctly, on time, legally, and from correct fund sources.

  • Payroll—knows guidelines and procedures for entering, monitoring, and adjusting salary distributions (Faculty, Staff, Grad Assts, OPS).
  • Payroll—knows and effectively manages process for monitoring timeliness and accuracy of time and labor entries in the system.
  • Payroll—understands processes and requirements for making payroll-related adjustments or changes (e.g., overpayments, retroactive FTE changes)

Hiring and appointments—manages appointment and new hire process.

  • Knows and facilitates recruitment process (including affirmative action recruiting).
    Knows guidelines for hire process and monitors to ensure that correct hiring procedures are used.
  • Knows required paperwork for hire (for different core offices depending on whether for faculty, staff, OPS, grad assts, student assts) and facilitates completion and submission.
  • Can complete hire correctly in system.
  • Organizes and communicates appointment information (letters of appointment, contracts, etc.)
  • Understands immigration, foreign nationals, and associated tax implications.
    Manages any needed start-up packages.

Other personnel actions–knows guidelines and procedures for personnel actions—including raises, terminations, retirement (including DROP), nonrenewals, and performance management.

  • Understands requirements for completing personnel actions and communicates effectively with customers or appropriate core office when necessary.
  • Completes and submits required paperwork.
  • Completes job action correctly, securing resources from web (instruction guides) and contacting core office directly as necessary to correct or facilitate.

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