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A series of short sessions dedicated solely to adapting tasks for remote working. Check back as additional webinars are scheduled.

Leading a Hybrid Team


Instructors: Dianne Mathies and Becky Younglove

Are you leading a hybrid team comprised of both remote and in-office positions? This webinar will provide supervisors with some best practices and strategies to increase team effectiveness when not everyone is “in the office”.

How Managers use Norms and Crucial Conversations to Promote a Safe Workplace


Instructors: Tricia Bachus and Becky Younglove

Behaviors, not policies, are the key to keeping our workplace safe. Join this interactive webinar to learn strategies for promoting the right behaviors and how to hold tough conversations to make them stick. Through scenarios and Q/A, we’ll discuss the challenges and answer your questions.

Being Together Apart

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Instructor: Dianne Mathies

Being together apart is about teams and shared stories. Some people will thrive, while others will fall silent. Practical tips and guidance for newly remote teams in building trust, membership and belonging, and caring for each other.


SCS014 Communication for Managers


Instructor: Irma Alvarez

Communication is consistently identified as one of the most important tasks of a manager. In this session, we will identify key issues, challenges and strategies to help managers communicate effectively with team members. Topics covered will include:

  • Focal points of communication and communication breakdown for managers
  • Tools for influencing and knowing when to use them
  • Making communication adjustments based on an employee’s preferences

SCS060 Relationship Strategies


Instructor: Ronda Mitchell, Sarah Hanson

Would you like to substantially increase your ability to communicate with other people? Can you imagine the ways this might benefit you in your career, your day-to-day dealings with people, and in your personal relationships? “Relationship Strategies” assembles a number of simple tools that can be easily applied to improve both business and interpersonal relationships. This workshop offers guidelines for understanding and adjusting to the differences in people, through observation of their behavior. The tools presented here will enable you to see yourself and your world through someone else’s eyes — and that can go a long way toward increasing communication effectiveness!

LES050 Leading the Challenge of Change


Instructor: Courtney Moon

Participants will discuss why change is difficult, what they can and should expect when implementing change, and how they–as leaders or “change agents”–can make changes more effectively by taking employee response into account. By focusing on normal responses to change, along with the impact of resistance to change and employee resilience, this workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to reflect upon their roles as “change agents” so that they may more effectively implement change or guide their work unit during times of change. Practical and interactive, this workshop will provide essential skills useful in navigating the complexities of change management in today’s workplace.

GET240 An Everyone Culture: Leading for Engagement and Belonging


Instructor: Bob Parks

We know that leaders have a significant impact on creating a culture of belonging within a team or department. In this session, we will explore how leaders can foster engagement and a feeling of belonging. What does it look like? How does a leader cultivate a team environment where the contributions of all members are valued and nurtured?

SCS085 Leading with Courage


Instructor: Tricia Bachus

What is courage? Why is it important for us, as leaders, to have courage—and also to encourage it in others? Everyday courageous acts are significant. When demonstrated by leadership, they have a profound effect on the organization. Participants will explore the concept of courage and how it relates to leadership competencies of “communication” and “resolve.” The session will focus, in particular, on dilemmas of courage that are related to the workplace and how we, as effective leaders, can leverage courage to create productive and healthy work environments.

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