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Emotional Intelligence


A series of short sessions dedicated solely to adapting tasks for remote working. Check back as additional webinars are scheduled.


Leading with Emotional Intelligence During Times of Uncertainty and Change Webinar


Instructor: Rebecca Younglove

One thing is certain- there is little constant in our lives right now. These challenging times can also be a great opportunity to build stronger relationships and teams. In this webinar, managers/leaders will learn ways to leverage the components of emotional intelligence to lead effectively during these ever-changing times.


SCS035 Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership


Instructor: Rebecca Younglove

In this course, participants will define “Emotional Intelligence” (EI) as a leadership and management competency, building upon a model for emotional and social competency. At the end of this session, participants will be able to identify how emotional intelligence affects leadership and will have generated ideas and “next steps” to leverage their emotional intelligence in the workplace for heightened leadership success.

GET240 An Everyone Culture: Leading for Engagement and Belonging


Instructor: Bob Parks

We know that leaders have a significant impact on creating a culture of belonging within a team or department. In this session, we will explore how leaders can foster engagement and a feeling of belonging. What does it look like? How does a leader cultivate a team environment where the contributions of all members are valued and nurtured?

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