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A series of short sessions dedicated solely to adapting tasks for remote working. Check back as additional webinars are scheduled.

Remote Work: To Be or Not To Be


Instructor: Becky Younglove & Kenya Williams

The temporary shift to remote work for many areas has brought about new learning. As a manager, there’s a lot to consider when thinking through flexible work arrangements. During this session, we’ll review the guidelines and resources for determining an alternate work location and engage in some discussion about possibilities to rethink our way of work.

Leadership and Judgment in Uncertain Times


Instructor: Irma Alvarez

Leaders who practice good judgment during times of uncertainty provide anchoring when it is most needed and appreciated by those who look up to them for direction. Modeling good judgment reassures and engages the team to remain aligned and focused on results despite an environment of doubt and ambiguity.


SCS065 Cultivating Judgment: Critical Thinking Skills For Complex Work Environments


Instructor: Irma Alvarez

Things change rapidly and continually at work which requires us to address unanticipated, uncertain, time-pressured and complex problems and decisions. In this session we will consider how critical thinking, along with self-awareness and understanding of the mental shortcuts we often, and unknowingly, take can be integrated into a process to help cultivate good judgment.

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