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Productivity & Performance

Working Remotely Webinar Series

A series of short sessions dedicated solely to adapting tasks for remote working. Check back as additional webinars are scheduled.

Applying Performance Measures to Your Work

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Instructor: Brandon Telg & Courtney Moon

An important element of Productivity & Performance is one’s ability to apply performance measures to their everyday work, not just for an annual review. This webinar will help you apply an organizational structure to your work, identify and write your goals using backwards design, and ultimately track and maintain your performance records over time.

Managing the Mental Load of Returning to Work

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Instructor: Kara Wight

Our “return to work” isn’t a “return to normal.” There are new safety regulations that impact our mental load. This webinar is designed to help you understand that new burden and provide strategies to set you up for success.

Tips for Teams: Maintaining a Productive and Collaborative Remote Work Environment

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Instructor: Sarah Hanson

During these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever for teams to stay connected and remain productive! During this session, we will explore tips to improve team communication and collaboration while working remotely, including advice from high performing teams at UF.



GET050 Achieving Results


Instructor: Courtney Moon

This session focuses on a key workplace skill: identifying and achieving the desired results of your work. In this session, you will learn to:

  • Identify clearly what you want and define your priorities
  • Explore methods for persisting in the face of challenges
  • Create goals that are clear and compelling
  • Develop a strategy that leads to accomplishment of your goals

TRV030 The Multitasking Mirage: Find Your Focus, Flow, and Finish Line


Instructor: Sarah Hanson

The research is overwhelming—our brains aren’t built for multitasking. When we constantly juggle various cognitive tasks, we experience decreased productivity, impaired cognitive ability, increased stress, and diminished creativity—all of which reduce us to fractions of the effective professionals we are capable of being. Many professionals surrender to a frantic and unfocused workstyle out of the belief that there is no other way. The modern-day workplace simply demands us to function in this manner, right? Wrong.

SCS080 Making Meetings Work


Instructor: Irma Alvarez

How many meetings have you attended or conducted where they just seemed like wasted time? Well, no more! Attend this workshop to learn techniques for planning and facilitating effective meetings.

PMA010 Project Management Basics


Instructor: Jenny Seitz

Project management, whether aimed at improving service or solving major organizational problems, requires a different set of management skills than those needed to oversee routine operations. Project management involves leading a diverse group of employees who are working in an environment that is highly dependent upon planning, limited by budget and scheduling controls, and subject to constant progress evaluations. You can make project management a positive work experience through understanding project functions from start to finish.

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