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Relationship Dynamics


A series of short sessions dedicated solely to adapting tasks for remote working. Check back as additional webinars are scheduled.

Stop Stressing Me Out!

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Instructor: Ronda Mitchell

Things are stressful right now for all of us. In this session we will learn what each behavioral style considers stressful, the signals we each give when under stress, and flexibility tips to help each other lower their stress levels for improved collaboration and productivity during these trying times and beyond.

Being Together Apart

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Instructor: Dianne Matheis

Being together apart is about teams and shared stories. Some people will thrive, while others will fall silent. Practical tips and guidance for newly remote teams in building trust, membership and belonging, and caring for each other.


GET245 Conversations for a Culture of Belonging


Instructors: Irma Alvarez, Gwynn Cadwallader

Do you engage with your colleagues in a way that brings out their best? Does your team collaborate in a way that combines the unique talents and abilities of each member to achieve big goals? In this discussion-based course, you will discover specific behaviors and strategies proven to increase engagement, innovation, and productivity in the workplace. Participants will recognize unconscious behaviors that derail a team’s full potential and practice strategies to create a respectful culture that optimizes performance and produces great results. Embark on a shared journey with Gators Together!

TRV020 Developing Your Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Effectiveness


Instructors: Gwynn Cadwallader

Interacting with people is a large part of our jobs and how we use our emotions and react to others affects our performance. Explore ways to understand your own emotions and how to perceive the emotions of others. Find ways to strengthen relationships, build networks and find common ground. Generate ideas and “next steps” for leveraging your emotional intelligence in the workplace for improved effectiveness.

TRV010 Transforming Conflict


Instructor: Irma Alvarez

Conflict is part of our daily lives and can undermine our success unless we get better at using it effectively. As surprising as this might sound, we want conflict in the workplace; but it has to be the right kind of conflict. In this class you will learn how to build your conflict competence and transform conflict for improving decision-making, problem-solving and relationship-building at work.

GET255 Giving and Receiving Feedback


Instructor: Courtney Moon

Does the thought of giving someone candid feedback back make you uncomfortable? Is being on the receiving end of feedback something you dread? Whether you are the giver or the receiver, feedback is NOT an easy thing to do! Learn how to deliver direct and caring feedback, discuss ways to seek input and feedback from others, and practice strategies for responding to feedback without being defensive.

CCA010 Quality Customer Service


Instructor: Ronda Mitchell

We all have customers. The question is “Do we serve them well?” In this workshop, participants will identify customer expectations, review assertive communication as a key component of quality customer service, and discuss common customer service interactions and how to improve them.

SCS060 Relationship Strategies


Instructors: Ronda Mitchell, Sarah Hanson

Would you like to substantially increase your ability to communicate with other people? Can you imagine the ways this might benefit you in your career, your day-to-day dealings with people, and in your personal relationships? “Relationship Strategies” assembles a number of simple tools that can be easily applied to improve both business and interpersonal relationships. This workshop offers guidelines for understanding and adjusting to the differences in people, through observation of their behavior. The tools presented here will enable you to see yourself and your world through someone else’s eyes—and that can go a long way toward increasing communication effectiveness!

CCA030 We’ve Got Your Number


What do you do when you don’t know how to answer a question? How do you handle an irate person cursing at you on the phone? Providing quality customer service can be challenging. Although your primary role may not be answering the telephone, we all have customers who rely on us to be their guide within our organization. This workshop is designed to give you the scoop on how to talk and listen on the phone.

TRV012 Influence: Leveraging Relationship for Change


Instructor: Dr. Nicole Stedman

No matter where someone’s role lies in an organizational chart, every person has the capacity to influence others around them. Every person can weild the power of influence to make change if they understand how influence works. In this course, you will learn what influence is along with what it is not, which builds into an understanding of how to apply your influence in many different settings. In other words, you will be able to use concepts of influence to create positive change in your environment.

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