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Fall training calendar offers new hybrid schedule

In order to better serve UF faculty and staff wherever they are located, UFHR Training & Organizational Development (T&OD) has created a hybrid schedule for its fall training courses. By providing this balance, T&OD hopes to accommodate those who want to experience in-person training while maintaining the convenience of virtual learning for those who are either unable to leave their office or are located outside of the Gainesville area.

“We are excited about the way we have been able to move forward to make our trainings as accessible as possible while still giving people the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues face-to-face,” said T&OD Director Bob Parks, Ph.D.

Course registration is now open in myTraining. When you register for a course, the location will be listed under the course date. Visit the Learn and Grow web site for information on the courses available to UF faculty and staff including Pro3, Gators Together and more! The fall training calendar also provides a monthly view to search for courses on your list.

Below are some of the programs offered this fall semester:


Want to contribute to a healthy work environment, find meaning on the job or improve relationships in the workplace? Thrive@UF courses give you tools to increase communication, productivity and personal well-being. With topics like emotional intelligence, powerful public speaking and quality customer service, this program can aid you in your journey to show up as your best self each day you come to work. Learn from subject matter experts across campus and T&OD instructors to earn your Thrive@UF Certificate.

What people are saying about Thrive@UF:

“The courses have improved my communication skills with both internal and external customers.”

“I learned strategies to manage time and tasks at work. I gained confidence in professional and personal relationships.”

“The program provided me time to learn and grow and to build upon my emotional intelligence to be a more rounded employee, to understand communication differences and to adapt to different situations.”

Managing@UF supervisors courses

Are you a current supervisor looking for ways to better support your team’s success? Do you aspire to move into a management position in the future? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the Managing at UF: Supervisory Challenge program is for you. These courses provide managers the strategies and tools to increase individual, team and leadership excellence. In this program, you’ll learn effective ways to build higher levels of trust, increase effective communication and develop structures of accountability. These courses are open to all current and aspiring managers and can be taken individually, or you can complete the entire program to earn your Managing at UF certification.

What people are saying about the Managing at UF courses:

“I have become a better communicator, better at giving and receiving feedback, have improved relations with a difficult employee and have started a strategic planning and goal-setting program in my unit.”

“I think that my team relations have improved because I can better work with different members in different ways. Understanding how/why people react as well as better understanding my own actions and reactions are helping promote team health and individual development.”

Do you have questions about which courses best match your interests? Contact the HR training team at training@ufl.edu for more information. Advance your career goals by investing in professional development that makes a difference!

Published: August 12th, 2021

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