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Undoing the multitasking mindset to improve performance

Business Report of North Central Florida recently spoke with Scott Blades, assistant director of Training & Organizational Development in UFHR, about the myths of multitasking.

“We’re at a place in human history where I don’t think we’ve ever been more distracted,” said Blades. “And yet we’re expected to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources. So I thought, what are some key principles that I can teach people — based on the science, based on the research — where we can get a better handle on the demands on our time and actually elevate our performance in the process?”

Read the full story, including Blades’s tips, here: https://gainesvillebizreport.com/undoing-the-multitasking-mindset-to-improve-performance/

Published: January 23rd, 2019

Category: News