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Stronger Together: Inside Out – Emotionally Intelligent Conversations about Race

This is part of our series titled Stronger Together: Promoting Racial Justice through Awareness and Action. 

Stronger Together will provide UF faculty and staff with a series of educational offerings to help them better understand and address racism and bias and help promote racial justice at the individual, institutional, and systemic levels. The context of fostering awareness, building capacity, and promoting action will weave throughout the offerings. This series will help UF move forward in efforts to combat anti-black racism and to promote a more diverse and inclusive campus.  

This week’s podcast is titled Inside Out: Emotionally Intelligent Conversations about Race. In this episode,  we will explore the benefits of Emotional Intelligence and the power self-awareness and self-regulation can have when engaging in conversations around race. We will unpack the R.U.L.E.R. model to explore how our emotions shape our experiences. We will discuss strategies for regulating these emotions and practice the art of a emotionally aware conversation.

Published: September 13th, 2021