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Office & Business Administration

Gator Business Administrator Services (GBAS)

GBAS is a professional development program designed to help business administrators working in colleges, departments and units be more effective in their jobs. This professional support focuses on the job skills and expertise of employees in the areas of finance, research administration (both pre- and post-award), reporting and human resources.

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Fiscal Management & HR/Payroll Management Tracks
The Pro3 Series is a series of workshops and information sessions designed to help those in administrative positions at UF learn the key information and develop the key skills they need to be successful.

The series involves three certification programs centered on the three broad areas of administrative work at UF – Fiscal Management, HR and Payroll Management, and Academic Department Support.

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Business Communications

Attend three courses to receive your Business Communications certificate.

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Gators Together

Gators Together is a certificate program for individual employees and supervisors. This diversity and inclusion program is designed to Increase Performance and Engagement by Creating an inclusive Environment for our diverse talents.

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Why do some people merely survive in their roles at UF while others thrive? Every effective UF employee possesses a common skill set that produces great results. Through interviews with professionals familiar with job families throughout the University of Florida as well as research into professional development programs at other preeminent universities throughout the country, UF Training & Organizational Development has identified this key set of skills. Thrive @ UF is a professional development program designed with a focus on these core skills. Whether you are beginning your career or an established professional, this certificate program gives all employees at the University of Florida the opportunity to build professional skills and maximize performance.

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Strategic Communications Academy for UF Leaders & Scholars

UF’s College of Journalism and Communications and UF Training & Organizational Development are pleased to offer a unique professional development program for faculty and staff ready to take their communication and leadership skills to the next level. Designed for UF employees working to advance positive change in academic or professional areas of interest.

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Academy of Strategic Creativity

UF’s College of the Arts, College of Journalism and Communications, and Training & Organizational Development are pleased to offer a unique professional development program for faculty and staff ready to take their creativity and problem solving skills to the next level. By combining the talents of various UF creativity experts across a wide range of disciplines, this program supports faculty and staff who want to unlock their creative potential, generate fresh thinking and implement new and powerful ideas for the Gator Good.

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UFIT Training

UFIT has a large body of training, both online and in person, that will provide you with the tools to successfully leverage UF’s technologies.

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UF Health Information Technology Training

Workshops on Microsoft Office Suite software available at no cost to all UF and UF Health employees.

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Continuing Education

Employee Education Program (EEP)

The Employee Education Program, or EEP, is an opportunity funded by university resources that enables full-time UF Academic Personnel, TEAMS employees, and USPS employees who have been employed in good standing for at least six months to receive tuition assistance for up to six credit hours of instruction per semester at the state university closest to their work location. TEAMS employees may also attend classes at a public community or state college closest to their work location.

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LinkedIn Learning

With Linkedin Learning, you get all of the courses from Lynda.com, plus more than 5,000 others to choose from. Spend your time on the bus, at home or between classes learning and growing with online courses in everything from Conflict Resolution Foundations and creating a business plan, hiring and growing your business. All of the technology training from Lynda.com, plus thousands of more offerings are at your fingertips 24/7, anywhere you have an internet connection!

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