University of Florida has a long-term commitment to develop a comprehensive, centralized enterprise analytics solution that enhances UF’s data vending and data analytics capabilities. The training resources below will help you learn to use Enterprise Analytics.

Web Simulations and Instruction Guides

Getting Started User Guide PDF


Open Dashboard and Save a Copy PDF | Simulation

Open & Edit a Dashboard then Set as Home Page PDF | Simulation

Create a Simple Dashboard PDF | Simulation

Changing The Title of a Visualization PDF | Simulation

Add Values to a Bar Chart PDF | Simulation


Open a Report PDF

Opening a Report to Edit PDF | Simulation

Create and Add Data to a Report PDF | Simulation

How to Run, Sort, and Export a Report PDF | Simulation

Schedule a Report PDF | Simulation

How to Capture Generated SQL For Your Report PDF | Simulation

How to Create or Edit a Query Source PDF | Simulation

How to Hide a Column in a Data List PDF | Simulation

Printing a Report in Landscape Mode PDF | Simulation

How to Filter a List in a Report PDF | Simulation

How to Create a Prompt Page PDF | Simulation

View and Create Custom Data Items In a Query Simulation

Modify and Run a Report Simulation

How to Download Reports in a Format I Like PDF

Report Specific

Scheduling a Report – Department Terminations and Transfers Report PDF

Run a Training Completions Report PDF

Analysis Studio

Quick Start Guide PDF


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ERA050 Introduction to Enterprise Analytics
Learn the basics of using the Enterprise Analytics platform including navigation of the interface, opening a report, changing the homepage, and scheduling a report. This course also introduces dashboarding and interacting with your data through sorting and filtering techniques.

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ERA300 Enterprise Analytics – Analysis Studio Quick Start Workshop

The “Analysis Studio Quick Start Workshop” Is intended for experienced PowerPlay (FIT Cube) users. The workshop will focus on providing students with a fast-paced overview of the new Analysis Studio interface and how to complete basic tasks such as searching for data, adding data to the report layout, creating new views and running drill-through reports. A portion of the workshop will be dedicated to providing students time to recreate their personal FIT Cube views with the new Analysis Studio interface in Enterprise Analytics.

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