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Enterprise Reporting is available in myUFL and provides easy access to the University of Florida financial, human resources, student, and other management data. Enterprise Reporting is available to faculty or staff who have been assigned any of the various roles which grant access to this system.

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You may notice the navigation in myUFL is different than what is shown in these training resources.  Rest assured, these changes are primarily look and feel differences. All policies and procedures discussed in these materials are accurate and up to date. Training materials will be updated to reflect the new look and menu of myUFL.

Web Simulations and Instruction Guides

Create an Available Balance by Fund tab Simulation | PDF

PowerPlay Web Explorer screen shot with notations PDF

Replace Column Headings Video

  • Replacing Measures Video
  • Navigating Hierarchy Levels Video

Hiding Totals and Subtotals PDF

Nesting Categories PDF

Replace Nested Categories PDF

Show Report Values as Percentages PDF

80/20 Suppression PDF

Calculations PDF

Creating Charts PDF

Editing Chart Options HTML

Creating and Applying Custom Exception Highlighting Simulation | PDF

Changing the Display PDF

Drilling Through for the Details PDF

Exporting Content PDF

Export to PDF Simulation

Export to Excel Simulation

Export to CSV Simulation

Help, Find and Explain PDF

Hide or Show Columns or Rows PDF

Swap Columns and Rows PDF

View Explanations PDF

Using Subsets PDF

Subsets: Using Search Criteria Simulation

Subsets: Using Category Selection Simulation

Subsets: Using Level Selection Simulation

Subsets: Using a Dimension in a Displayed Report Simulation

Modify a Custom Subset Simulation

Find Simulation | PDF



To register for online courses in myTraining, navigate to mytraining.hr.ufl.edu. From the myTraining Dashboard, you can search for courses using the Activity Search field in the upper left hand corner. Just type the course name, course ID or a keyword and then click Search.

After you’ve registered for training, your current enrollments display in the Training list found on the Dashboard page. To begin an online course, click the green Start button.

You can also access myTraining from myUFL using the following navigation:
Main Menu > My Self Service > Training and Development > myTraining

PST117 Reporting: PowerPlay

In this hands-on session, we explore PowerPlay Cubes and review the available content. Designed for the end user on campus who needs to generate reports for his or her financial transactions, this session will cover:

  • How to generate meaningful reports, including using functions such as filtering, sorting, nesting, and suppressing.
  • The financial and HR-related content that is available to UF Departments
  • Find the details you need
  • How to run reports and download the information

Prerequisite: PST910 Reporting Basics

Security Roles

Lists and descriptions of all UF security roles may be found on the Identity & Access Management website.

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