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  • From pre-award to post-award, research and extension is at the heart of UF’s mission. This toolkit organizes resources to support sponsored projects administration.

    Review this page to locate web simulations, instruction guides, training, and other resources. Check back often, as this page is frequently updated.

    You may notice the navigation in myUFL is different than what is shown in these training resources.  Rest assured, these changes are primarily look and feel differences. All policies and procedures discussed in these materials are accurate and up to date. Training materials will be updated to reflect the new look and menu of myUFL.

    Please review the Sponsored Research Training Series (SRTS) section for a full list of courses offered.

    Web Simulations and Instruction Guides

    UFIRST Course Materials

    RSH279 UFIRST Introduction Course Guide PDF

    Adding Delegates in UFIRST Simulation

    Searching in UFIRST Simulation

    UFIRST Navigation Simulation

    RSH280 UFIRST Proposals Course Guide PDF

    Create a Proposal Simulation

    Create a Budget Simulation

    Post Submission Update Simulation

    RSH281 UFIRST Grants.gov Submissions via UFIRST SF424 Course Guide PDF

    Create a SF424 application package Simulation

    Import Subaward Simulation

    RSH282 UFIRST Awards Course Guide PDF

    Completing Pages 5.1 – 5.3 in UFIRST Simulation

    UFIRST Security Roles PDF


    Adding a Viewer PDF

    Grants Workflow Administrator (GWA) User Guide PDF

    Grants Workflow Administrators

    UFIRST User Manuals

    UFIRST Awards Manual PDF

    UFIRST Proposals, Agreements, and SF424 Manual PDF

    UFIRST Proposals & Agreements

    Best Practices & Alerts PDF

    Budget Revisions in UFIRST PDF

    Communicating with My Proposal Team and DSP in UFIRST PDF

    How Do I Navigate and Search UFIRST? PDF

    How Do I Track the Status Of An Agreement In Negotiation? PDF

    Pre-proposals, Letters of Intent, Progress Reports with Detailed Budgets, and White Paper Submissions PDF

    Proposal Checklist & Document Guidance PDF

    Submitting an Agreement for Review PDF

    UFIRST Glossary PDF

    UFIRST Proposal States PDF

    What Do I Do When I Receive a Request from a Sponsor After My Proposal Was Submitted? PDF

    Why Are My Activities Changing? PDF

    UFIRST SF424

    Creating SF424 Application Package PDF

    Importing Subawards Into UFIRST SF424 Application Package PDF

    Updating SF424 Application Package PDF

    UFIRST Awards

    Award Compliance Delegation PDF

    Award Compliance Form PDF

    Award Modification – Carryover PDF

    Award Modification – No Cost Extensions PDF

    CAS Exemption Process PDF

    Creating a New Project PDF

    FCOI Certification PDF

    Financial and Date Modification-Converted Award PDF

    Making a Temporary Project Permanent PDF

    Requesting a Temporary Release via a New Award PDF

    Update Project F&A Returns PDF

    UFIRST Subawards

    Creating a New Subaward PDF

    Modifying a Subaward PDF


    Running UFIRST Award Reports & Report Methodology PDF

    Running UFIRST Proposal Reports PDF

    UFIRST Award and Project Report Data Dictionary PDF

    UFIRST Award Data Dictionary Excel

    UFIRST Proposal Data Dictionary Excel


    RSH201 Finding Funding & Limited Opportunities Course Guide PDF

    InfoReady Review Application Demonstration Simulation

    OPPMAN Searching Demonstration Simulation

    RSH202 Solicitation Review and Proposal Development PDF

    RSH203 Sponsored Programs Budgeting Course Guide PDF

    RSH203 Sponsored Program Budgeting Resources PDF

    RSH204 Non-Fiscal Research Compliance for Research Administrators Course Guide PDF

    myinvestiGator Resources

    Please review the Sponsored Research Training Series (SRTS) section for a full list of courses offered.

    Other Resources

    Contact Information

    Division of Sponsored Programs
    Proposal Processing and PreAward Services
    (352) 392-9267
    Fax (352) 392-4400

    219 Grinter Hall
    PO Box 115500
    Gainesville, FL 32611-5500

    Contracts and Grants Accounting Services
    Post Award Financial Reporting and Compliance

    33 Tigert Hall
    PO Box 113001
    Gainesville, FL 32611-3001

    For technical issues, contact the UF Computing Help Desk: 392-HELP