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     The myUF Marketplace provides a user-friendly, streamlined way for departments to purchase and pay for goods and services. The Marketplace is a combination of myUF Market and myUF Payment Solutions. The adoption of the Marketplace represents UF’s ongoing commitment to initiatives that strategically reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

    The myUF Marketplace switched over to a new screen format (New Experience) on November 15, 2021.  This change includes shopping, carts, requisitions, POs, invoices, and change requests. Guides are updated to reflect the changes.

    Instruction Guides



    Setting Up Your User Profile PDF


    Searching for Change Orders in myUF Marketplace PDF

    Searching for Purchase Orders in myUF Marketplace PDF

    Saving Exporting and Scheduling a Search myUF Marketplace PDF

    Searching for Requisitions in myUF Marketplace PDF


    Completing a Requisition in myUF Marketplace PDF

    Using the Product Keyword Search PDF

    Using a Service Request Form in myUF Marketplace PDF


    Copying Split Distributions to Other Lines in Requisitions PDF

    Fixing Rejected Requisitions PDF

    Working with My Favorites PDF

    Using Dashboards for Requestors in myUF Marketplace PDF

    Temporary Substitution for Requestors PDF

    Processing a Cart from a Shopper PDF


    Changing Invoice Remit Address for Suppliers in myUF Marketplace PDF

    How to Split Invoice Lines PDF

    Viewing Draft Invoices PDF

    Match Exceptions PDF

    Working an Invoice for Department Level 1 Approvers PDF

    How to add a Non-PO Line to a PO Invoice PDF

    Including Asset Information in an Invoice PDF

    Creating a Credit Memo PDF

    Creating an Invoice from a Purchase Order PDF

    Creating a Non-Purchase Order Invoice PDF

    Creating a Recurring Invoice PDF

    Working Returned Invoices PDF


    Using a Change Request to Increase a Fully Invoiced Line PDF

    Adding and Deleting Internal and External Attachments PDF

    Approving Change Orders for Financial Approvers in myUF Marketplace PDF

    Increasing or Decreasing a PO Using a Change Order in myUF
    Marketplace PDF

    Closing a Purchase Order to Release Encumbrances PDF

    Changing ChartFields on a PO Using Change Requests in myUF
    Marketplace PDF

    Cancelling or Adding a Line Using a Change Request in myUF
    Marketplace PDF




    Approve a Requisition, PO, Change Order or Invoice in myUF Marketplace PDF


    To register for online courses in myTraining, navigate to mytraining.hr.ufl.edu. From the myTraining Dashboard, you can search for courses using the Activity Search field in the upper left hand corner. Just type the course name, course ID or a keyword and then click Search.

    After you’ve registered for training, your current enrollments display in the Training list found on the Dashboard page. To begin an online course, click the blue Start button.

    You can also access myTraining from myUFL using the following navigation:
    Main Menu > My Self Service > Training and Development > myTraining

    PST083 myUF Marketplace

    Register in myTraining

    This online course provides information about the myUF Marketplace system. The myUF Marketplace will provide a user-friendly, streamlined way for departments to purchase and pay for goods and services. The Marketplace is a combination of myUF Market and myUF Payment Solutions. The adoption of the Marketplace represents UF’s ongoing commitment to initiatives that strategically reduce costs without sacrificing quality.
    Security roles associated with PST083: UF_N_MKT_FINANCIAL_APPROVER & UF_N_MKT_REQUESTOR.

    PST073 Intro to Procurement in myUF Marketplace

    Register in myTraining

    Please note that this online class is required for those employees designated Requestors, however, it is recommended for Financial Approvers and Shoppers. Learn how to search for items in the Marketplace’s 35 UF negotiated-price catalogs, how to create a cart for goods and services with other suppliers; how to add Ship To, Bill To, ChartFields and other required fields, how to assign a cart to a requestor, and submit an order. Learn about requisition and purchase order approval workflow. Also included is how to do change orders to increase, decrease or make changes to your purchase order and how to resend it to the supplier. The class also shows how to cancel purchase order lines and close purchase orders. PST073 walks you through instruction guides and resources available to refer to when you are in the moment at your desk completing a purchase in myUF Marketplace on behalf of your department.

    ADV006 Fund Administrator Training

    Register in myTraining

    Essential online training outlining the policies and procedures for Fund Administrators across the University of Florida.

    Security roles associated with ADV006: UF_N_MKT_FINANCIAL_APPROVER & UF_N_MKT_REQUESTOR.

    UF_N_UFF_FAS is NOT required for approving invoices in myUF Marketplace.

    Security Roles

    Lists and descriptions of all UF security roles may be found on the Identity & Access Management website.

    1. Required role(s) for all users
      • UF_SY_BUSUNIT_UFLOR: This is a core and end user role granting access to business units defined in PeopleSoft for the University of Florida (UFLOR)
    2. Which myUF Marketplace role do I need?
    • Shopper – Shop for items and send cart orders to Requestors
      UF_N_MKT_SHOPPER (Default role given to all permanent faculty and staff)
      UF_N_MKT_Shopper_Req (non-permanent staff and faculty)
    • Requestor – Shop for items and place Cart orders. Approve department invoices
    • Financial Approver – Approve requisitions and second level of approval for department invoices

     Other Resources

    Finance and Accounting: myUF Marketplace Website

    Procurement Toolkit

     Contact Information

    myUF Marketplace Help Desk
    Contact myUF Marketplace
    Phone:  (352) 392-1335

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    Fax (352) 392-0081
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