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Inclusive Hiring Toolkit

Tools for the Hiring Cycle

At every stage in the hiring cycle, there are ways to mitigate bias. This toolkit provides the resources needed when engaging best practices for attracting, selecting, and hiring diverse talent and mitigating biases found in the recruiting, selection and hiring process.

Click on each of the icons below, each representing a step in the hiring process, to reveal resources for improving your hiring practices.

Other Inclusive Hiring Resources

Inclusive Hiring at UF

There is an Inclusive Hiring at UF online course that outlines the hiring process and reviews the biases and stereotypes that can impact decisions at each stage.

The course covers how to:

  • implement inclusive hiring strategies that help minimize bias
  • prepare a job description or position profile that’s inclusive
  • advertise the position to attract a diverse group of applicants
  • establish behavioral based interview questions and anchor answers that support inclusive hiring

It also provides an overview of tools such as hiring rubrics and the ideal candidate profile.

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Inclusive Hiring Badge

Faculty and staff may also pursue an Inclusive Hiring Badge credential that offers a baseline level of competency in support of inclusive practices and enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of search and selection processes for the University.

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