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Mainspring Onboarding Pathways

Course Pathways:


Human Resources


Research Administration

Take the first step with the following courses

  1. PRO301: UF 101
  2. PRO302: The Color of Money
  3. PRO303: Internal Controls at UF
  4. PRO304: ChartFields: Navigating Financial Transactions at UF
  5. RSH100: Sponsored Projects Overview
  6. RSH260: Cost Principles
  7. RSH204: Non-Fiscal Compliance
  8. RSH279: UFIRST Introduction
  9. RSH207: Effort Commitments, Management, and Reporting

Phase I Courses

  1. PRO314: Class & Comp Foundations
  2. PRO319: Guide to Faculty Appointments
  3. PRO318: Hiring Grad Students and Fellows
  4. PRO313: Guide to OPS Employment for UF Administrators
  5. PST985: Commitment Accounting Basics
  6. PST986: Commitment Accounting Advanced
  7. PRO315: Advanced Topics in Payroll/Leave
  8. PRO336: Fundamentals of Hiring and Paying International Visitors and Employees

Phase II Courses

  1. URM101: Records Management at the University of Florida

Phase III Courses

  1. RSH281: UFIRST Awards
  2. PST919: Reporting Services Workshop
  3. ERA200: Report Authoring
  4. RSH202: Solicitation Review and Proposal Development
  5. RSH203: Budget Development

Phase I Courses

  1. PRO305: Purchasing 101
  2. PRO306: Travel Directives
  3. PRO335: Disbursement Directives
  4. PST130: Reconciliation for Tier 1
  5. RSH208: Post-award Management & Monitoring Best Practices
  6. RSH320: Research Participant Payments for Fiscal Administrators

Phase II Courses

  1. PST985: Commitment Accounting Basics
  2. PST986: Commitment Accounting Advanced
  3. ERA050: Introduction To Enterprise Analytics
  4. URM101: Records Management At The University Of Florida

Phase III Courses

  1. PST501: Property 101
  2. PST919: Reporting Services Workshop
  3. ERA200: Report Authoring
  4. RSH203: Budget Development
  5. RSH202: Solicitation Review And Proposal Development