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This toolkit provides resources for faculty and staff who grade courses in ONE.UF and myUFL.  Such functions include assigning graders, grading courses and approving grades.  Additionally, resources regarding ONE.UF are available.

Looking for general myUFL help?  Visit the myUFL Basics toolkit.

Instruction Guides and Videos

Add Leading Zeros to Your Grade File PDF

Grading Key (Incomplete, S/U, Auditing etc.) PDF

Prepare Grades From Canvas PDF

Enter Grades When Canvas is Used PDF

Enter Grades When Canvas is Not Used PDF

Enter Grades Directly (Manually) PDF

Upload Grades Video

Canvas Grades Video

Training & Security Roles

OUR010: Grade Coordination in myUFL

This online course is designed for college-level and department-level grade coordinators. It explains the roles and responsibilities of both coordinators, outlines how to authorize access to the grading system, view grading calendars, use rosters for grading, and submit grades manually and via File Upload.

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Security Roles

The following security roles is required to enter grades in myUFL:

  • UF_PA_Grader

Contact Information

Office of the University Registrar