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  • This toolkit contains resources related to ONE.UF.

    Web Simulations and Instruction Guides

    Faculty Workspace

    Class Rolls and Teaching Schedule SimulationPDF

    Request Canvas Shell PDF

    Uploading Grades Video

    Grades Toolkit Link


    Complete Registration Prep Simulation | PDF

    Register for a Class Simulation | PDF

    Drop a Class Simulation | PDF

    Swap a Class Simulation | PDF

    After Deadline – Add a Class (SIDA) Simulation | PDF

    After Deadline – Drop a Class (SIDA) Simulation | PDF

    Viewing Holds PDF

    Withdraw From All Classes Simulation | PDF

    Degree Applications

    Apply for an Associates Degree Simulation | PDF

    Apply for a Degree Simulation | PDF

    Adding Ceremony Information PDF

    Apply for a Certificate Simulation | PDF

    Graduation Checklist PDF

    Graduation Checklist for Certificate PDF

    Other Resources

    Degree Audit Tour Video

    View Advising Notes PDF

    View Excess Hours PDF

    Set up Direct Deposit Video | PDF

    Schedule of Courses in ONE.UF PDF

    Approving Time PDF

    How to Order an Official Transcript PDF

    How to Obtain a PDF Copy of an Unofficial Transcript PDF