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Undergraduate Minors

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  • The undergraduate minor provides a traditional, well-accepted way to recognize that a student has completed a significant body of work outside the major. Students can follow-up on long-time personal interests, satisfy intellectual curiosity generated by introductory courses, differentiate their program of study from those of fellow students or enhance their opportunities for employment or for admission to graduate or professional schools.

    Students should review the information about their minor of interest in the undergraduate catalog. They will find information about eligibility, qualifications or prerequisites necessary to be eligible for the minor and the requirements to complete the minor. Students are also encouraged to discuss the minor with the offering department.

    Students interested in pursuing a minor must complete an application via One.UF. Students will not be able to earn a minor if an application has not been submitted and approved. The application requires the approval of the student’s college as well as the college offering the minor.

    The following resources cover several processes for undergraduate minors.


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