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    Team Competency Model

    Click on a circle below to learn more.

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    Team members hold each other accountable for team results and use strategies to monitor performance. Learn more and explore resources.

    Shared Purpose/Goals

    Team has a sense of purpose and team goals which have been communicated to all and is committed to achieving them. Learn more and explore resources.


    Team has the shared belief that members will perform their roles, protect the interests of their teammates, and respect one another.  Team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable with each other. Learn more and explore resources.


    Team is engaged in regular communication with each other and with key stakeholders using a variety of channels. Learn more and explore resources.

    Clear Structure & Alignment

    Team members have a shared knowledge about key elements of the team’s task environment including knowledge of equipment/tools, work the team is to accomplish, awareness of team member characteristics, processes/procedures for completing tasks and assignments, and clear roles and responsibilities. Learn more and explore resources.

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    To provide a comprehensive model which outlines the skills, knowledge and behaviors essential for teams to be high performing and effective at the University of Florida and to provide the necessary resources to cultivate these competencies.


    Are you a good team member? Do you want to know how you rate in the 5 team competency areas of accountability, shared purpose/goals, clear structure/alignment, communication and trust? Complete the free and anonymous Teamwork and Collaboration Self-Assessment to rate yourself! It only takes 5 minutes.

    The team competency model and related toolkit was developed by a team of organizational development professionals, instructional designers, and leaders within Training & Organizational Development (T&OD). This project is part of T&OD’s strategic vision to empower UF to achieve a culture of leadership, team, and personal excellence to help UF change the world.

    The team gathered data from research, focus groups, and surveys.  During the research phase of the project, the team reviewed countless books, journal articles, and online resources related to teamwork both in a business and higher education setting.  During the next phase, the team conducted focus groups with a variety of faculty, administrative, and research teams across campus which included over 100 faculty and staff members.  Additional data was gathered from the focus group participants through follow-up surveys to narrow in on the most critical team competencies and related behaviors.  The team then compiled the data to create a visual model which focuses on five team competencies and the corresponding behavioral markers.

    The five competencies that were identified and considered essential for highly effective teams include: Communication, Trust, Accountability, Shared Purpose/Goals, and Clear Structure & Alignment.  You can click on each competency in the model to review the definition, team member and team leader behaviors associated with each, and additional resources to cultivate these competencies. The Leadership toolkit is an additional resource for improving as a manager or leader.

    The final phase of the project included aligning current classroom and online offerings to the competency model and also designing and developing new resources for teams across UF.  These resources include classroom training, experiential learning, and organizational development interventions.

    Potential Uses

    • Provide a framework for strategic planning efforts for colleges and departments by providing a model of competencies to use to focus team development efforts.
    • Provide Human Resources a tool and a framework for identifying programs needed for professional development.
    • Help supervisors and mentors clarify team performance expectations and identify opportunities for career development.

    General Resources

    View our collection of helpful books and articles gathered by our project team.


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