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Shared Purpose/Goals

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    Team/Individual Behaviors

    Teamwork Shared Purpose

    • Team members participate in regular meetings to review progress towards goals, hold each other accountable, share struggles, and share successes related to achieving goals and objectives
    • Team members buy into goals and understand how their work fits into the vision, mission, and goals for the department
    • Team members actively contribute to establishing shared goals which are clear, simple, and measurable
    • Team members establish a realistic and attainable purpose
    • Team members are committed to achieving a quality outcome

    Team Leader Behaviors

    • Team leader uses a system for involving the team in setting goals, communicating vision, and establishing a strategy for the team so that each member can see how their work contributes to the big picture
    • Team leader holds regular check-ins with the team to assist with roadblocks, provide feedback, and communicate or clarify goals and vision
    • Team leader establishes priorities for the team to ensure the most important tasks are completed in a timely manner and the team is not derailed


    SCS045:  Thinking Strategically

    For Team Leaders

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    “Thinking Strategically: Using Vision, Purpose and Goals to Get Results” is a workshop for managers who want to learn ways to think more strategically in order to achieve team goals. During this session, participants will learn about the importance of having and articulating a clear vision and purpose for the team. Additionally, participants will learn a goal setting strategy that can help ensure the team identifies and works on the right goals that align with team and organizational vision and purpose.

    SCS100:  What to do First When Everything is Important

    For Team Members/Team Leaders

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    Attend this session and learn the basic ways to use your time wisely, the difference between importance and urgency and the benefits of delegation.

    GET050: Getting From A to B: Setting and Achieving Goals

    For Team Members/Team Leaders

    Available as an on-demand online course through myTraining

    This online course focuses on a key workplace skill: identifying and achieving the desired results of your work. In this session, you will learn to:

    • Identify clearly what you want and define your priorities
    • Explore methods for persisting in the face of challenges
    • Create goals that are clear and compelling
    • Develop a strategy that leads to accomplishment of your goals

    SCS080: Making Meetings Work

    For Team Members/Team Leaders

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    How many meetings have you attended or conducted that just seemed like wasted time? Well, no more! Attend this workshop to learn techniques for planning and facilitating effective meetings. This workshop counts as an elective in the Supervisory Challenge certificate program.

    SCS075: Leading a Team

    For Team Leaders

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    Effective managers create and cultivate collaboration and teamwork in order for their unit to reach its full potential. In this session, we will discuss tactics managers can use to build a collaborative team. Specifically, we will look at team development from a manager perspective and how to facilitate decisions that everyone can commit to by building consensus.