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  • This toolkit is intended for graduate coordinators and staff who use GIMS and enter and maintain graduate committees, qualifying examinations, and final examinations.

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    Web Simulations and Instruction Guides


    Student Verification of GIMS Information Simulation

    Obtaining Access to the Graduate Information Management System (GIMS) Simulation

    Login and Using the Search Feature in GIMS Simulation

    GIMS: Submitting Graduate Faculty Nominations PDF

    GIMS: Setting Up a Graduate Committee PDF | Simulation

    GIMS: ETD Signature Simulation

    GIMS: Transmittal Letter Simulation

    GIMS: Student List Simulation

    GIMS: Faculty List Simulation

    GIMS: Degree Program Report Simulation

    GIMS: Applied Admitted Statistics Simulation

    GIMS: Degree Applicant Report Simulation

    GIMS: Registration Holds Simulation

    GIMS Discrepancy Report – Below 3.00 GPA Simulation

    GIMS Discrepancy Report – Supervisory Committee Not Specified in GIMS Simulation

    GIMS Discrepancy Report – Ineligible Committee Members Simulation

    GIMS Discrepancy Report – Degree Applicants with Exam Issues Simulation

    GIMS Discrepancy Report – Expired Exam Submissions Simulation

    GIMS Discrepancy Report – Supervisory Committees with Retained Faculty Simulation

    Graduate Committees and Milestones Materials

    Graduate Committee Membership Key Terms and Policies PDF

    Milestone Levels PDF

    Enter a Qualifying Exam in SIS PDF | Simulation

    Enter a Final Exam in SIS PDF | Simulation

    Enter an Individual Development Plan in SIS PDF | Simulation

    Setting Up a Graduate Committee in GIMS PDF | Simulation


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    GRD001: Graduate Committees and Milestones

    This course reviews the processes of setting up graduate committees and inputting data from qualifying examinations and final examinations milestones. The course is intended for Graduate Coordinators and staff who enter and maintain graduate committees, qualifying examinations, and final examinations.

    Click here to register.

    Security Role associated with the training

    • UF_SR_Grad_Staff_User

    Graduate Information Management System (GIMS)